Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good:
-Moved to Flagstaff, Arizona!
-I live really close to campus and next to other convenient establishments which include Target (only one block away), Chili's, lots of other little restaurants, a bookstore, and all kinds of good stuff that used to take a 20 minute drive or more to get to.
-Explored NAU campus. It is fricken huge...well compared to tiny Pacific
-Ate sushi at a really great Japanese restaurant
-Our apartment complex rents out movies for freezies! Just like livin in the dorms again.
-Got a free pass to go to the Grand Canyon by this really nice girl I just met and went today! Greg and I were completely amazed by the views and also went for a hike. On the hike we saw a squirrel that was laying flat on its belly on a rock. A fellow hiker, who said he was from Santa Fe, took a picture of it while he yelled to his companion "Look, it lays down just like Violet! Haha." I'm glad someone else thought it was a funny pose for a squirrel, too. Hopefully I'll get a chance to post some pictures even though my computer is crap. Then I made homemade veggie chili when I got home (YUM YUM YUM)! It was an epic day.
-Got my T.A. assignment with two professors. One class I will be a T.A. for is Soc of the Family. Not my bag, but I'll roll with it.

The Bad:
-Our new apartment is smaller than our last one :0( but it's a lot nicer.
-The copier/printer lady in the library loves to scold me. ("NO NO NO You're doing it wrong!!!") Isn't weird how some scoldings make you feel like you're five again?
-I am by far the youngest person in my program, I'm pretty sure everyone is over 30. I am the baby.
-Flagstaff has some kamekazi drivers

The Ugly:
-Puked right after crossing the Hoover Dam and continued to feel sick all through Arizona until our arrival
-I am convinced the neighbors living above our apartment are elephants (who knows, I haven't seen them yet!) I feel a confrontation coming on.
-Got scammed $40 for a P.O.S. dresser, sometimes craigslist is not always the way to go!
-My computer of five years is crapping out on me big time but I am too cheap to buy a new one.

This is all I got as an update for now. Cheehuu.

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A.Rocks said...

Wow. Arizona seems to definately have its ups and down, but it sounds like you and Greg are definately getting settled in, hurray! Good sushi in AZ? OOH! Very exciting! No, I don't know my address yet, but I will post it once I find it out. 6 days! EEKS! Its difficult trying to condense a year's supply of clothes into a 50lb bag. Well, hope all is swell from A to Z in the AZ! HAHA, I hope that made you giggle.