Wednesday, August 27, 2008


the next day after i wrote my post about almost getting hit while riding my bike, it happened to a young man across the street of where i almost got hit. only he was not as lucky (or did not have cat-like reflexes) and paramedics had to come. greg and i passed by the scene and we both were glad that it was not me in the ambulance and hoped that the biker was alright. people need to be more conscious of bikers and not drive so crazily. i mean come on! getting somewhere maybe a minute or two sooner or not taking out a biker?!...hmm.. i think we all can agree one answer here!

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A.Rocks said...

W-O-W-Z-A-S! That is crezy beans indeed! Was the guy alright? Wow, that is super trippy! I eagerly anticipate our Skype party! :) I want to hear about all of the funny things from A to Z in the AZ!
(yes, I will use that phrase over and over again)