Friday, September 12, 2008

what now suckahz?!

got the jon & kate +8 dvd. 

sextuplets, all day, everyday.

Monday, September 8, 2008


I remember growing hydroponic lettuce back at Kaumana Elem. School, back before some perp set the cage we grew it in on fire. I really want to start gardening but I have no private space to start a garden seeing as I am living in an apartment complex. Is there something I can grow inside? I'm thinking more along the lines of herbs for now since I don't have much space. I am going to do some research and see what I can do. I hope my thumb has gotten greener since the last time I tried to grow something.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

F.W.A. (Fast Walkers Anonymous)

Hi, I'm Gracie. I am a fast walker. And I'm tired of getting harassed for it.

And so it begins...

Grad school that is. For those of you who care (two people max.), I am in my second week of classes and it still has not gotten to intense yet.  Honestly, every class is like Jaye Cee's global capitalism class on the discussion days. The students read before class, we go to class, we sit (and eat!) and discuss.  Only difference is is the conversation is a little bit more intelligent (sorry!) than I remember Jaye Cee's class being. It's a pretty friendly environment. One thing I feared before arriving at school was if the students would be very competitive but no, it's not. It's more like meeting with Oprah's book club (or what I imagine it to be like anyway). 

Being a teaching assistant is the shit! I don't really have to do that much and I get the option of teaching later in the semester if I want. I grade and do class exercises and get to learn new things that I didn't learn in my undergrad. The students are really cool. They treat me normal, not like a super nerd or anything. One of the professors I TA for is hi-liarious! His favorite word is "shit." I can only assume that from the number of times he uses it. A quote from this week: "You know what might taste good? The ass! Yeah boil and throw some spices and shit on it! You never know!" Taken out of context, this sounds even weirder. If you try to answer one of his questions and you're wrong he'll make a big buzzer noise like Family Feud. What a way to encourage class participation. Life is great. 

Another thing I'm really excited about is to get to work on my thesis but that probably won't be until next semester. I don't have any concrete ideas yet but I'm excited to get started. Alls I know is I don't want to do another study on college students and credit card debt. My brain is still trying to file that shat away. I think the other Pacific sociology students can agree on that one. 

One downside I can't get over is how big the campus is. I got spoiled at Pacific when I could just walk across the street to get some printing done at the library. No such luck this time folks. It's a fifteen minute walk to the library from where I live, that's the same time it would take to walk across Pacific's campus with time to spare. And I walk fast! Imagine if I walked like everyone else, that would be an extra ten minutes.  Good thing I have fast legs. 

That's it for now...more as my graduate career develops.