Saturday, July 5, 2008

Slow enough for the Slowskys

Today was my first day at McMenamins as a full-fledged (non-trainee) server. Before clocking in I was stoked to finally get tipped. To my dismay, it was a very slow late afternoon. There were two weddings going on on the property so they probably were more likely to eat at the reception that at the Yardhouse. This meant that I got sent home early which translates to less hours which translates to less skrillah. But it was cool because my last table was awesome. One woman sitting at the table created her own salad and to her delight named it after herself. If you ever eat a Distiller's salad with the salmon subbed in for the chicken and the Ruby Raspberry Vinegarette for the Honey Mustard then you are eating "the Rebecca Salad." And they invited me to sit with them after I was off the clock and help them drink their booze. I declined because that would have been a little weird for me. Plus I'm pretty tuckered out. All in all, the day evened itself out.

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