Thursday, January 21, 2010

First Snow Day of the Semester

The morning started out great with finding out that NAU's campus was closed today due to inclement weather. Because of this, Greg wanted to make a trip to Hasting's to get Assassin's Creed Dos and I wanted to get something, not sure what, but something to keep me from getting bored throughout the day. Driving was out of the question because Greg's truck was buried. It's the one with the most visible windshield wipers.

Pre-Hastings trek pictures:

Greg showing off mad snow sliding skillzzzzzzz

Almost there and unscathed!

Good eats at Burrito Fiesta (very Asian pose stolen from Forgetting Sarah Marshall)

And then a trip to Michael's for some yarn. Greg loves crafts!

On the way back home ran into some horses in the parking lot

Oh, hi horsey!

Just chillin' in snow chairs recovering from our epic journey

Now it's time to knit!


jens said...

its pretty chilly in hawaii too right now, like high 70's and windy!

Garrett said...

killer bangs.

gracieocho said...

jens: better bundle up!

A. Rocks said...

1. Wow, that is a whole lot of snow
2. You and your sassy bangs are just two peas in a pod
3. Teach me to knit