Friday, March 28, 2008

Nails and Cockfighting

Yesterday, I got my nails done at a place I will call Nail Place. A man I call "the Godfather" does my nails. I call him the Godfather because he is the only male that I've seen work there and it seems like all the other women that work there look up to him and I quote one of the female workers: "You lucky he did your nail, he do nice job." Anyway, we got around to talking about where I was from and when I told him I was from the Big Island, he said "Hilo?" and I was surprised because most people know Kona (the more tourist-y area on the Big Island) rather than Hilo (the rainier, moke-ier side). He proceeded to say that he used to live there and worked at a nail place in Hilo and then we make small talk about Hilo that was uninteresting. Out of nowhere he says "I like the cockfights" which I can only assume that his referring to the cockfights in Hilo (not to be stereotypical but Filipinos like them). I laughed only because I don't think he knows that cockfights are illegal in Hawaii...or probably the US for that matter. Anyhow, I was pleased with the nail job I got from the Godfather.

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